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Cat Litter Mat

Cat Litter Mat

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Stop litter tracking today!

🧼 Easy to clean

👍 Simple setup

🐈 Reduces litter tracking by 80%

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How big is it?

Our mat is 21.65inx29.5in.

When will I get my order?

Our shipments deliver within 4-13 days!

What if I don't like it?

If you still don't love your mat after 30 days, you can easily return it by emailing us at

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Say Bye to Litter Tracking

Works on all kinds of pellets

The holes are designed to catch all types of pellets including clay, tofu, crystal, etc.

Removes litter stuck in paws

The honeycomb design spreads your cat's paws to catch stray litter.

Save up to 30% of cat litter

Reuse all the litter that's caught, saving you time and money.


Does the mat work on all types of litter?

Yes! The holes are big enough to catch ALL kinds of litter.

How do I clean it?

Simply pour all the caught litter back into the litter box and rinse the mat with soapy water!

When will my order arrive?

Our shipments deliver within 4-13 days!

What if I don't like it?

If you still don't love your mat after 30 days, you can easily return it by emailing us at

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Customer Reviews

Based on 165 reviews
Seems to hold liter so far

I previously had a little woven mat that I’d just outside my cats litter box, but the sand is constantly getting all around my hardwood floors in the living room. Just placed this new mat under her box as it came folded and needs a few days to settle to flatten out. Feels like it’s made out of styrofoam material, similar to that of yoga mats. I got the smaller mat size and it seems to fit decently well in the corner of my room.

Dennis McIntire
This mat changed our lives...

We've tried other mats and methods for reducing the litter being tracked into the rest of the house but nothing works like this.We used to have a litter box with a screen on top so the litter would drop back in. We used a counter cabinet to keep it in, and then forced our two cats to walk around a divider onto one of those mesh mats that you can get at PetsMart (which are insanely expensive). Even with this setup, the mats would get clogged or wouldn't capture the litter so it would be tracked out of the laundry room, and into one of our main hallways. This drove us nuts! We'd even occasionally find a few pieces on our bedspread.This mat not only allows the litter to come off paws by (kind of) spreading their paws over the large holes but the mat can also hold a lot of litter, so it doesn't allow the paws to pick up litter again like the mesh mats.And cleaning is easy. I simply pick the mat up (which allows the top and bottom to separate some) and let it funnel directly onto our Litter Robot steps. I then dump the litter from the mat and steps back into the Litter Robot.In my opinion, don't mess around with the smaller version of this mat since cats can jump over it. The larger 32x35 is what we ordered and it can't easily be avoided. This mat reduced the amount of litter in our hallways by 98%.The picture shows a days worth of litter from two cats. The mats hold so much, I could easily go a five days without dumping it.When you get your mat, be aware that it will be folded. Since the rubber is neoprene-like, allow it to open slowly and lay flat vs. just bending it straight. I used a blow drier to warm it up to speed up the process.Again, this mat changed our lives as we rarely see litter in the house anymore. Best $23 I've spent in an awful long time! ;)

Rigid not soft and permanently creased

I like the idea of this and it does trap the litter when the cats walk on it. However it isn't at all soft as described but actually very rigid. Also there are deep creases due to shipping method which seem to be permanent and that cause it to not lay flat on the floor. It would've been better if it'd been rolled rather than folded to ship. This would have avoided the creasing and it would have been able to be shipped in a smaller box.

Does the job well

Works good. Perfect size. Easy to clean. Catches pine pellets and pine dust, no problem. No problems flattening it. I was concerned at first by the styrofoam like material but it def does the job. Also, one cat started to jump over the side but he eventually stopped. Per the picture: I use Purina Tidy cats Breeze system with 40 lb pine pelletized bedding purchased at Tractor Supply for 5.99. Saves so much $$.

Easy to clean

Litter mats that I've tried in the past came with a few downfalls: 1) my cat didnt like stepping on them and would intead launch himelf out of the box (along with his litter) to avoid it, and 2) they were terrible to clean if the cat overshot the box or puked on it.This mat has none of those problems! I was worried about cleaning puke/clumped litter out of these little hexagons but since the mat can be "opened up" a rinse under the bathtub faucet was all it needed!I'd like to thank my cat, who threw up on this mat just hours after it arrived, for making it possible to bring you this review.